WoW Classic opened a new PvP realm for name reservations


Didn’t get that fluffy awesome name you wanted for WoW Classic? If you move quickly, you may have a second chance at success. Blizzard opened up a new PvP realm last night. Its name is Stalagg and it slumbers in the eastern time zone — at least for the next 11 days.

“We suggest that players, especially those on the Herod realm, consider creating characters on Stalagg. We expect that other PvP realms in this region will otherwise experience significant login queues when Classic launches,” the studio said.

For players in Australia and New Zealand, WoW Classic will be best accessed by Oceania servers. Blizz confirmed that these are available right now.

The hype and excitement for WoW Classic is very, very real right now. So who’s going to tailor me up some eight-slot bags on the first day?


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If you’re on BB, save up all that Linen Cloth, and I’ll be happy too! If you’re not on BB,then perhaps ask one of your friendly neighbourhood streamers ;>!

Anthony Clark

I’m psyched for this. Can’t wait for it really.

The live game is so different now it’s just not the same as the game I fell in love with years ago.

No reason for that private server now I suppose.

Castagere Shaikura

All the hype around this thing. I really can’t wait to see when people start having to do those annoying things they will remember they hated. Some will like but not everyone. It’s just like all the hype with COH right now. People are remembering how crappy the combat was but are struggling threw it to keep it alive no matter what.

Matthew Yetter

I’m not surprised at all. Given how many people were playing on “unofficial” vanilla servers for years, there is obviously strong demand. Blizzard wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble in the first place if they didn’t see a significant demand.

There will certainly be a lot of tourists who pop in just to check it out and then leave. That’s no different from what we’ve always seen on RP servers. It really won’t affect the people who are there because they feel it’s the better game experience. Some of those tourists will probably come back periodically, when the retail game hits its content droughts.

But at the end of the day, how is this any different from SoE continuing to run EQ after EQ2 released. Or Arena Net continuing with the original GW. No matter what the game, there will always be a decent subset of people who prefer the classic experience. These servers are going to do just fine and Blizzard is smart to capitalize on that.


It was a time and place, wow vanilla showed up on the scene and was this super simplified fast leveling gigantic hit with the masses.

Anyone whom was playing any other mmo at that time and tried wow fell instantly in love with it (in most cases), i mean omg you level so fast comparatively it was a euphoric feeling.

I dunno you’d think i would be the last person to say this but i dunno, the super slow leveling compared to current mmorpg’s is kinda a bummer. Blasting through 120 levels in just under 10 days played was a great journey to me.

I think and could be wildly wrong but this sticks in memory so and was another mmorpg, but express leveling an alt asap to cap of 50 with a team took 77 days played as in that was record f’ing fast.

Things are moving and then some things still take much time like the class hall but things like the azerite leveling bar (f’ing awesome) you know that little bar means so much in feeling some progression is always taking place.

I was going to mention that wtf is people’s problem? BFA f’ing rocks!!! but wait, i’m very unfamiliar with the game still and then realize i’m still in legion content much of the time lol.

All in bfa so far is i got there, after all the really cool intro setup/cut-scenes/lore and can now zone there, still so much left to do in legion which yea is awesome no doubt, but i dunno the intro to bfa was cool i loved the setup felt immersed, form the horde side anyway, when i did it with alliance remember i playing with my son whom is like lightening so i just skip chit to try and keep up.

So yea love my tangents, haha, agreed i think many people will tire out quickly and for many give them a new appreciation of how spoiled they have been all along in the super polished retail.


Yea i was surprised but not really i guess that there are so many more pvp servers compared to care bear servers.


“PvE pLaYeRs ArE tHe MmO mArKeT.”

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Good, better to have less realms and open more as needed.