Bungie’s weekly update touches on Destiny 2’s Armor 2.0, cross save, and ‘Dresstiny’


When you look good, you feel good, and no more is that true than playing dress-up with your favorite MMO avatar. The folks at Bungie certainly appreciate that and seem to be encouraging dolling up your Destiny 2 Guardian with various changes due for Shadowkeep, which were touched on with the publisher/developer’s weekly dev blog.

Yes, “Dresstiny” is absolutely a thing that the devs acknowledge and even will reward with a planned monthly fashion show that will award winners with a totally unique emblem. Details on how this will work are still being ironed out, but expect to get your best looks prepped soon after Shadowkeep launches.

Of course, if you’re the more build-minded Guardian, the expansion will bring about a huge swath of changes as part of Armor 2.0, which was outlined in both a livestream and in another massive edition of Director’s Cut, the dev blog series penned by director Luke Smith. The blog from Smith also provided more insight into ways players will improve their Power and how the system will be introduced to new players in the shooter’s F2P New Light version.

The weekly update also has further timing and details on cross save. Tuesday, August 20th, will open up Steam account linking on Bungie’s website, while the following Wednesday, August 21st, will enable cross save features for all Destiny 2 players. There are a few things players will want to bear in mind once cross save goes live: Players who have cross save enabled will not be able to carry over expansion content they purchased for one platform to another, and players who have earned Forsaken-level gear on one platform will not see that gear shift over if they play on a platform that does not have the Forsaken expansion installed. This restriction, however, will lift once New Light and Shadowkeep launch. Make sure to look over the FAQ for more.

source: Bungie.net
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