Champions Online lets out a death rattle – but it’s the good kind


It certainly has been a fascinating summer for Champions Online, as the superhero MMORPG emerged from a long-running hibernation to pump out a full-fledged story arc. And in fact, the fourth — and last — part of the Death Rattle arc has gone live on the servers. But don’t be sad, as Cryptic has promised more of these “serial stories” in the future.

“You’ve followed the clues and tracked the Cobra Lords, and their mysterious benefactors, across the city,” Cryptic posted. “Now it’s time to find out what they were after, once and for all. Will you be able to stop them in time? Or could this be the end of Millenium City as we know it? Find out, right now, in Death Rattle: Part 4!”

The studio said that players who go through the mission can earn Intriguing gear that offers magic and paranormal damage resistance.

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