MapleStory opens an online ‘university’ to help players learn about August 28 server merges


Whenever an MMO announces plans to merge servers, it can either mean you’ve got a few things to prepare for or the process will be generally automated. In the case of upcoming classic MapleStory server merges, however, there’s apparently enough to consider to necessitate opening a series of online courses. Or it’s just an excuse for the game to continue being cute. It could go either way, really.

No matter the reason, there are a series of five different videos that explain how these server merges are shaking down. The NA region will see five servers in total after the merges take place. Players will also see an increase of 50 character slots after the merge, though extra characters will need to be managed. Players will need to take a moment to manage their Mesos and bank storage inventory, and guild leaders will also want to take note that duplicate guild names may occur, which will require those names to have a series of random letters tacked to the end of the guild’s name. If this happens, you can simply change the guild name with a special pop-up that will appear upon login.

Server merge maintenance will begin late on August 27th with an expected online time of August 28th. A more detailed maintenance schedule will be shared on the MapleStory website closer to the maintenance date. There are a whole lot of specifics detailed in this series of videos, so it’s certainly worth watching the series if you’re a regular player.

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