PlanetSide 2 updates players on future plans like a social hub and mandates

No fighting.

There’s more development arriving for PlanetSide 2, and one of the plans includes a version of Sanctuary to serve as a social hub. A cross-faction social hub, even, with vendors, lore snippets, and even a chance to chat with members of other factions via both text and voice chat. It’s part of the ongoing development roadmap available on the official site, which also includes further development refinements for the new player experience as well as loading and optimization improvements.

In addition, the team is planning out what is currently being referred to as the mandate system, a way of generating time-limited objectives on different timescales that have concrete clear conditions and immediate rewards. The ultimate goal is something that helps direct player behavior and makes the game feel more generous without overburdening currency systems. Check out the full roadmap to get a sense of where the game is heading in the future.


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Feyd Darkholme

As a “salty veteran” that routinely finds himself yelling at new players about how freakishly awful they are, I hope the new player experience teaches noobs to stop being terrible. lol seriously though, I’m liking most of what I’ve seen from the major plans. I have very few complaints TBH. Grenade launchers still need tweaking as they still suck as a primary IMO. Spitfires are still caca, and the C4 delay needs to be done away with. Performance-wise the game is great. Vehicle physics could use a pass, they can be frustrating. Overall I wish they felt more gravity…