Riders of Icarus celebrates the summer season with a fishing event


One of the best things about summer is fishing. Good weather, a solid boat or fishing spot, and time alone to just enjoy the outdoors is not a bad thing. There are drawbacks, though, like being outside in the sun where you can get burned or run the risk of seeing other people. To that point, perhaps it’s safer to fish in Riders of Icarus, which is hosting a special fishing event to celebrate the summer season.

From now until Wednesday, August 28th, players can take up daily fishing quests to earn Shining Fish Marks, which can be traded in to a shop NPC for various items like boosts, titles, lock boxes, and some very fishy weapon skins. Everyone will also get to enjoy a GM’s Blessing buff that improves various stats and a seven day login campaign that gives out more freebies for every day you show up in-game like Ellun packs and a watermelon banana boat mount.

As for Riders of Icarus overall, there’s been a small patch that’s fixed an endless minion spawn bug of a boss on the 32nd floor of Ellora’s Spire and improved the overall defense of the Puff the Magic Dragon mount. If you happen to be curious about where this game stands currently, then check out MMO Cartographer for some recent hands-on impressions.

source: official site (1, 2)

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