PUBG’s test build of Update 4.2 brings bad weather to Erangel and various quality-of-life improvements


Storm’s comin’, and not just the storm of painful blue jelly that makes up the closing walls of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds zone of death, but an actual storm in the sky of Erangel. The battle royale shooter’s test server has an update, and that update is making the weather pretty rough for the Erangel map and looking to make life easier with a number of quality-of-life adjustments overall. And the thunder rolls.

Players who hop into the test version of Update 4.2 can look forward to several types of inclement weather when on Erangel, including heavy winds, fog, thunderstorms, and hail. If crappy digital weather is less interesting to you, maybe being able to drive through pylons and traffic barricades is, which is another feature available on the Erangel map.

Patch 4.2 is also seeking to make a vast number of tweaks to the overall player experience. The sweeping set of changes touches a variety of aspects of PUBG gameplay, from the handling of certain vehicles, to the friction of some grenades, to HUD elements displaying helmet and vest health. It’s a pretty significant set of tweaks and it’s all detailed here.

source: Steam
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