OrbusVR kicks off its harvest festival on August 20


It’s just about time for the Fall Harvest Festival in OrbusVR, which is notable in no small part because it’s the game’s first seasonal event ever. Seriously, this is your chance to see what it’s like to be taking part in the game’s seasonal fun. The event kicks off on August 20th and runs until September 17th, and during that time players will be able to hunt down two mysterious new pumpkin-headed creatures roaming around on the outskirts of graveyards in the Highsteppe hills, Hulthine’s Basin, and the Lamavora Battlefields.

Taking the quests to hunt down and kill these beasties will reward players with new cosmetic equipment, but you might feel more like doing something nonviolent by capturing the Brezurple Snatchers roaming the landscape as well. There’s also a special reward available for players who take on all of the challenges the harvest festival has to offer, so get ready to start celebrating the fall on August 20th.