City of Titans talks about how Momentum and Reserves mechanics change the face of combat


There are two systems being developed for City of Titans that kind of work hand-in-hand with one another, at least in a sense that they modify the upcoming MMO’s combat as a fight drags out. These systems are the Momentum system and the Reserves system, and both were outlined in a couple of dev blogs.

Momentum is described as the answer to making City of Titans combat feel like it’s accelerating. While Momentum is a resource, it is build-agnostic, meaning everything a character does in a fight builds up Momentum. Use of Momentum is handled by your powers and masteries, with effects ranging from the simple (like using it for improved damage or reduced endurance cost) to the more diverse (such as burning Momentum to completely change how a power operates). Momentum is also something that enemy NPCs will have access to, meaning the supervillain you’re fighting could try to turn the tide themselves.

As for Reserves, these are an extra little boost to various aspects of your powers that players can tap into in order to take on challenging fights much like the Inspirations system in City of Heroes. At level one, all players will have access to two Reserve sockets at base level. As you level up, more Reserve sockets will be earned to a total of four, each with increased thresholds of power up to a maximum threshold of five

Reserves come in seven different types that buff up things like accuracy, evasion, and resistance to damage or control effects. These effects do suffer from a sort of diminishing return, meaning damage-boosting Reserves will stack their effect (known as output) with other powers that have damage-boosting output for a diminished overall effect. That said, Reserves can still provide an edge, particularly since some can have additional attributes that trigger extra boons when a specific Reserve is engaged.

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