EVE Online wraps up Aether Wars 2, plans week of GM-led events

Bless this hot mess.
This past weekend, EVE Online’s second round of the Aether Wars tech demo took place as CCP and Hadean put the improved tech to a test, offering players some juicy prizes for participating. CCP Games was hoping to set a new world record and attract 10,000 players to the fight, especially when it got over 10,000 signups earlier this month, but initial reports suggest that the game didn’t quite make that number and that it was a bit of a lagfest for many players who did get in. Then again, it was a test, so that was sort of the point. CCP hasn’t released numbers yet, but it did tweet after it ended:

The game’s already moving on to its next event: a whole week of GM-led hijinks. “Starting today, GMs will be making their way to several highsec systems with cargo holds full of glorious loot that’ll be of interest to many capsuleers, including the Combat Medic SKIN and a few others too,” the studio announced this morning. “These intrepid game masters will form the first day of the Scavenger hunt, in which pilots will have to scan them down to earn rewards.” The first such event, kicking off today as this post goes live, is called Whack-A-Bot. Sorry, folks stuck at work.


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Wilhelm Arcturus

Also, I see on Twitter that the GMs teleported a titan into high sec, presumably caught botting, for people to blow up and here I am stuck at work.

Wilhelm Arcturus

The Aether Wars test was odd. It didn’t seem laggy at all for me, but neither did I seem to be in the mix with very many other players.

The reports on Reddit seemed to be about the login server, which broke for a bit. There was also an oddity in that the client would keep running when the main server was down, with somebody saying they were still playing more than an hour after the test server was no longer available.

You had to be on Discord and paying close attention to a couple of channels to know when to log out and back in at the start of the test.

It was rather rough, but it was a tech demo and not a game. Still, it felt like they could have gotten more simultaneous players had they been better at keeping people informed.


It was weird supposedly you where supposed to mine stuff but I never found anything to mine. I got hit a couple of times at the beginning but not enough to kill me and I was able to run away which was all I could do since my ship a Rabbit had no weapons so all I could do the whole time was fly around aimlessly. I know it was a test but they could have put forth the effort to make it a little bit fun. I can’t see myself bothering with it next time.

Still I must say that I didn’t notice any performance issue while playing.