Remember the No Man’s Sky player-funded billboard? It’s up now!


Back in June, we covered a heart-warming story out of the No Man’s Sky community, as player sought to raise money on a GoFundMe specifically to install a billboard thanking Hello Games for the game and directing players to the subreddit. The initial goal was for $1750 to run a two-week billboard in Guildford, UK, and when significantly more was raised by the community, organizers made the call to donate the rest to the Westmead children’s hospital. (They’re buying PS4s for the teenager ward in the hostpital, so it’s even gaming-related!)

Anyhow, the original plan – to put up the billboard in Guildford – also came to fruition last week.

The Billboard is up! from NoMansSkyTheGame

I’m not crying, you’re crying. What a great turn-around story for a company once taken to task for consumer deception and barraged with death threats. Then again, this is a weird community; it’s currently obsessed with sitting in chairs. Maybe these folks fit right into the greater MMO world after all.

Source: Reddit

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It looks like nature is starting to reclaim that sign spot. In a way it almost works better though, for a game about exploring untamed worlds and stuff :D


Because the new expansion came out while the game was on sale on GoG, I gave it a try.

Man am I lucky I did not believe the angry crowd. While I can understand that the game was not what it was hoped to be when it originally was published, with the game that now exists I am having a ton of fun. Easily worth the 30€ in the first few hours alone. It is still not an MMO and it will potentially never be, but I don’t mind.

It is a wonderful explorers game with a ton of theme-parky content as well as a complete sandbox, wonderful player housing/base building and NO CASH SHOP/LOOT BOXES. No time gates, extending the limited inventory space is part of the game, not part of the monetization concept, B2P at its best, I like it.

So from me as a somewhat late customer: thank you, Hello Games


That’s nice change from all the mean stories lately.

It’s a good game marred by some mind numbingly annoying things many of which could be fixed by allowing keybinding for all actions and menu items, and for love of all that’s holy let us turn off notices. Other then that I’d be happy with it.