Fallout 76 opens the Vault 94 raid, Nuclear Winter Perk choices, and balance changes


It’s time for Fallout 76 to grow up and get that much closer to being a real MMO. The latest patch for the game has brought with it an honest-to-goodness raid just like a full-blown MMORPG as well as other features like display cases, item balancing for Nuclear Winter, and new Choose Your Perks for Nuclear Winter players.

As we covered before, the Vault 94 raid will task a full team of level 50+ players through three different missions for various rewards like Plans for new Vault Armor sets. The new raid is opening for PC players first today, August 20th, and will arrive to console players a few days after, assuming that no significant problems with the raid are discovered. The new patch also adds the ability to put display cases in your C.A.M.P., reworks the design and layout of the Charleston Capitol Courthouse and Morgantown Airport, and makes some significant adjustments to a number of weapons and items that Nuclear Winter owners have access to.

Nuclear Winter players can also take advantage of a new Choose Your Own Perks system, which awards Overseer Tickets to players for duplicate Perk Cards that can be traded in for Perk Cards you don’t already own. Players can also look forward to new Perk Card Packs as a reward for every Overseer rank earned, which will be awarded retroactively for those who rose up the ranks before this patch.

All of the details and adjustments for Patch 12 are all detailed in the patch notes.


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