Gamescom 2019: Black Desert’s PS4 version just hit headstart with a new launch trailer


We’re down to just under two days to go before Pearl Abyss’ popular MMORPG Black Desert PS4 joins its PC and Xbox One crew, and in fact, if you preordered the deluxe or ultimate edition of the game, you’re already in, as the two-day headstart has already begun.

Wanna check it out yourself? Pearl Abyss is at Gamescom this week with Black Desert’s PS4 version; it’s also hosting a community event and launch party tomorrowday at the Cologne Hard Rock Cafe, during which attendees can expect both hands-on time with the game and a reveal of the console’s dev roadmap.

The launch trailer’s below!

Source: Official site, press release
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$30 asking price isn’t bad, but I can wait on it to drop at this point since I’ve already got it on PC. I’m curious to how it will end up running/looking, because as long as performance isn’t garbage and it’s at least a 1080p image on a Pro (hopefully higher) I’ll totally pick it up to tinker around with there.