Netmarble takes on global publishing duties for Mad World

No, really, Tears for Fears.

At long last, Netmarble can proudly stand as the worldwide premiere publisher of MMOs sharing the title with a Tears for Fears song, as the company has picked up the worldwide publishing rights for Mad World. It’s not a particularly large field until someone decides to develop Everybody Wants To Rule The World Online, we suppose. But the important takeaway is that Mad World now has a publisher for all across the world, although exact release plans have yet to be announced. It was meant for Steam release last year, but it didn’t quite hit that.

For those of you who don’t recall, Mad World is being developed in HTML5, which gives it the unique gimmick of being playable on any device supporting HTML5 with no client download and thus playable on mobile and desktop with equal ease. There’s also the 2-D loot-based nature of the game, if that’s your thing. Check out the latest gameplay trailer just below to get an idea of what the game looks like in action.

Source: MMO Culture

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Castagere Shaikura

Kind of reminds me of Tree of Savior. It looks interesting though.


I’ve been an alpha tester for Mad World since the beginning. We haven’t had any English testing for about 3 months now. There was a Korean only language one two months ago, and barely any updates as far as information and no tests since then.

Maybe having a publisher will get them to move it forward a bit quicker, either that or give them a kick in the rear to at least give us more updates about it here and there.

Kero Kero

They more actively discuss their game updates through discord if you’re really looking for more info.


Shout Online. The game for bards and paragons.

And that video… the game doesn’t have a skill web, it has a skill rats nest. Looks pretty good though.