PixARK has released its new Skyward DLC today for free

Oh, that's a nice price tag...

If you’ve been enjoying PixARK, you would probably like some free additional stuff in the game, and the arrival of the new Skyward DLC today certainly provides that. Yes, it’s new DLC completely for free if you own the game on Steam; the DLC is slated for console editions soon, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions also due to get split-screen local co-op on August 21st. New stuff for players, always good!

The DLC allows players access to the new Floating Islands map, along with the ability to summon bone creatures and new ruins to explore in the process. There are also the new TEK technology engrams for players to craft, so that’s another new vector of advancement. Check out the screenshots below to see some of the nifty new stuff on display, and don’t fret about the price tag, like we mentioned. It’s hard not to like all of that in the game for free. If you’re curious about the present state of the game, our own MJ streamed it just last night, so why not check that out?

Source: Snail Games press release

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