The Daily Grind: Do you vote in MMO player elections?


This week I spent a bit of time perusing the Star Wars Galaxies Legends Discord, where candidates for the player Senate are making stump speeches and pitches for why we ought to saunter over to the polls and vote them into office. It seems to me that while some other MMOs with such councils have reputations for lacking teeth, a rogue server with a small community can benefit from having highly involved player reps who can communicate to the volunteer dev team what people actually want out of the game, without the issue of “funding” getting in the way. I tend to look for candidates who cherish the Star Wars vibe, uphold the melting pot approach to the playerbase, and in particular reinforce the player-run economy, since that’s where I spend nearly all of my game time.

It did occur to me along the way that in thumbing through the candidates’ platforms, I’ve already spent more time considering the election in an emu for a dead video game than most people spend on actual elections that affect their real lives. That’s… depressing.

But it also made me wonder whether other folks bother with these kinds of things, whether they’re for guild leadership positions, player-run city bosses, or player representatives that talk to dev teams. Do you vote in MMO player elections?

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