The Daily Grind: Do you vote in MMO player elections?


This week I spent a bit of time perusing the Star Wars Galaxies Legends Discord, where candidates for the player Senate are making stump speeches and pitches for why we ought to saunter over to the polls and vote them into office. It seems to me that while some other MMOs with such councils have reputations for lacking teeth, a rogue server with a small community can benefit from having highly involved player reps who can communicate to the volunteer dev team what people actually want out of the game, without the issue of “funding” getting in the way. I tend to look for candidates who cherish the Star Wars vibe, uphold the melting pot approach to the playerbase, and in particular reinforce the player-run economy, since that’s where I spend nearly all of my game time.

It did occur to me along the way that in thumbing through the candidates’ platforms, I’ve already spent more time considering the election in an emu for a dead video game than most people spend on actual elections that affect their real lives. That’s… depressing.

But it also made me wonder whether other folks bother with these kinds of things, whether they’re for guild leadership positions, player-run city bosses, or player representatives that talk to dev teams. Do you vote in MMO player elections?

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I do. Especially if it could affect me as a player. I actually see a political system in a game as a good selling point for me. Sadly, most games don’t implement it in a good way.


Yes I do.

Bruno Brito

Honestly, i would like it, because i feel like it would be exactly what i look for: Being so invested in a world that the way the world makes politics would interest me.


Sincerely, I wouldn’t bother.

Basically, if the community would elect someone whose different opinions could hinder my enjoyment, and the game empowers such elected person to do so, I won’t be playing. Or, if I was playing, I would leave to never return.

I really don’t want to deal with internal politics in games I play. For me that isn’t fun or enjoyable in any shape or way, quite the opposite actually.

Castagere Shaikura

I would never play an MMO that gives power to players. That’s a sure way of creating elitism.

Robert Mann

At this point I haven’t played an MMO with them. I tend to find the entire premise poorly thought out, given the ubiquitous nature of trolls and the lack of actual responsibility for those running.

David Harrison

If you do like taking part in MMORPG related polls, I like to frequent @eqnewsandpolls … I find these kinds of things fun. I’m probably a little crazy though lol.


I haven’t played an MMO that had player elections, but if any of them did I would ignore them. And if I ever found myself not ignoring them it would be time to find a new hobby.

Wilhelm Arcturus

I always vote in the CSM elections for EVE Online, even though I see the institution itself as more marketing than functional. It is silly to use a popularity contest to select an advisory group. The CSM itself has no agency and CCP ignores its input regularly. “We told them this would happen” is an oft heard comment from CSM members.

A recent multi-term CSM member, Jin’taan, just did a video about how being on the CSM affects your view of the game. By his count, half the people who served on the CSM with him quit the game after their terms.

So guess if you want somebody out of EVE Online, electing them to the CSM has a 50-50 chance of achieving your goal.


I did that too when i first started playing, read all their lobbying, thought about it for a few days, got it down to 2 options, finally decided who and when i went to cast my vote /record scratch moment; i wasn’t playing long enough to vote yet, lmao.