Caravan Stories unleashes new pics and vids on mechanics as open beta delay continues


When last we heard from the Caravan Stories team, the open beta originally planned for July 23rd had to be pushed back indefinitely. After that, things were pretty silent on the game’s front, a fact that the devs admitted themselves at the end of July. In an effort to appease any possible frustration as well as maintain any interest in the MMO, the game’s official Twitter account has been a regular stream of sneak peeks and previews all through the month of August.

The previews in question run a broad variety of pieces of interest, from a look at locations like the Imperial City of Valmeur or the Gold Dungeon at Loppi Mine, to NPCs like Mero the Lizardman or Amelia the Baker, to brief glimpses at gameplay mechanics like rewards for 100% area exploration and masks for your caravan. Most important of all, though, is the revelation that Caravan Stories will feature stats-buffing cats. I’m not even being facetious; this is genuinely good to know. Good kitties.

Unfortunately, a new date for the open beta of the JRPG MMO is not yet among the reveals, but the devs are working on it. “We understand that delays are frustrating, know that a lack of information can make it even worse, and we apologize for not being more clear,” reads a tweet from July. “We’re doing everything we can to get to the point where we can announce our new date as soon as possible. Stay tuned!”

source: Twitter

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Sasha Alex

So are they affraid to release this on pc … I mean what the fuck. Its like square enix and capcom. Feels the same but the both of them never released their Dragon quest and monster hunter in english. And dragons dogma. That alone pissed me off but this is pretty shitty.


Is there any difference between this and the Japanese mobile game? Or is it a direct port?

Brown Jenkin

All I can say about this is that the lack of a new launch date *really sucks* I understand they’re trying to fix up some issues and ensure a polished product launches but it is definitely not reassuring to go from a firmly announced (and well past) launch date to nebulous “who knows, maybe 2019”.