DC Universe Online shares plans to adjust weapons and artifacts


The so-called Precision meta needs some work if a dev blog from the folks at DC Universe Online is to be believed. In order to fix this problem, the devs will be making some changes to both weapons and artifacts with the intent to make everything feel more balanced.

First off, less powerful artifacts will be tuned upwards in order to help bring things in line, while there is at least one nerf coming specifically to the Venom Wrist Dispenser, which has been found to be twice as powerful as the next best artifact and overpowered in general when compared to the dev team’s target. According to the dev blog, this single artifact has put a stranglehold on the Precision meta, as the devs believe that using any other artifact just won’t feel as good and weapon tweaks won’t ultimately matter until this change takes place.

As part of these adjustments, players will be receiving gifts in the form of an Artifact Celebration Pack for everyone and an additional Venom Wrist Dispenser Boost for those who have the item at rank 80 or above, which will let those players boost the artifact upwards.

Secondly, weapons are going to get a consistency pass once the Venom Wrist Dispenser has been tuned. It boils down to bringing weaker weapon attacks up and minor tuning for weapon attacks that are the most popular in order to make everything feel level. Of course, all of this will be tested heavily, and the devs are looking for feedback on the forums right now.

In the case of either of these updates, timing has yet to be determined. We expect there will be plenty of announcements of these changes in the coming weeks.


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