Final Fantasy XIV player offers up a set of music covers presented as a rhythm game


Is Final Fantasy XIV’s Bard only a way to do solid ranged damage with some party-wide utility? Nope, it’s also a music-making fiend, and that can lead to some fascinating creations from players like the stirring covers from YouTube user Nicorzea. It’s a pretty straightforward gimmick wherein Nicorzea covers songs from the actual game (complete with the track in the background) on a controller using in-game performance tools, along with the whole thing displayed on-screen as a rhythm game.

Yes, notes falling down from the top complete with timed button prompts. It’s complex, but it also provides a visual guide of how these songs can actually be performed in the game. Check out the cover of the Shadowbringers dungeon boss theme (Insatiable) below, or check out Nicorzea’s whole channel for many more rhythm-game covers of the game’s music. Then curse the fact that you can’t do all of this while waiting for the next pull in a dungeon.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku
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