Fortnite’s latest throwable weapon lets you kill people by dropping junk on their heads


There are plenty of embarrassing ways you can be taken out in video games, whether it’s by your own stupidity or an errant glitch or by a llama. The latest update to Fortnite is now opening up a new, ignominious way to die: via a rift in the sky that dumps a pile of random crap on top of you.

Say hello to the Junk Rift, the newest Epic rarity weapon added to the battle royale shooter that offers up a creative new way to take out an enemy. Simply throw at a foe and watch as a large piece of junk falls down from above. The plummeting object destroys everything in its path and dishes out a beefy 200 damage on a direct hit, with its shockwave dealing an extra 100 damage to anyone caught in the trash blast zone.

The update has also brought Glitched Consumables to the explosion site, which are forageable items that randomly change into different items like apples, coconuts, mushrooms, or hop rocks. They also used to change into Shadow Stones, but a discovered issue has prevented these consumables from transforming into this kind of item.

There’s other features in this update for those who play the game that Fortnite used to be, like some new prefabs and galleries to Creative Mode, and a new weekly quest and new rocket launcher for Save the World. All of the information is in these patch notes right here.