Meta: Join us for Massively OP’s first Mo Mania stream-athon on Friday, August 23!


Mo Mania? You might be wondering just what exactly that odd entry on the OPTV stream calendar for tomorrow is. That’s what we’re here to tell you! It’s our very first giant multi-hour stream-a-thon, or at least the first one since we relaunched years ago, and this one will be filled with plenty of prizes (both in-game goodies and real-life swag)!

To help you make the most of the event, we’re giving you a sneak peek of what to expect Friday afternoon when we kick things off. And part of that is a chance to win your very own Mo to display at home, at the office, in your car, or wherever you might take a Mo!

When will it start? Mo Mania begins at 2:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 23rd, 2019.

How long will the stream last? That depends on viewers! As subscription goals are reached, more hours will be added to the stream. You could work us all the way up to a six-hour stream… or maybe even longer.

What games will be streamed? That also depends on viewers! Massively OP’s MJ has a couple titles on hand and ready to go, but she will also be putting up polls (and maybe even a game wheel to spin) for viewers to vote on the next game. How many of the viewers’ games are played will naturally depend on how long the stream goes.

How do I win prizes? Everyone who watches will have the chance to win as long as you can access Twitch chat to enter. And the longer we stream, the more of the prizes that will be available. To qualify for a prize, be sure to be following the Massively Overpowered Twitch channel. Beyond that, there are a few different ways to win:

  • Prize wheel for various items that drawing winners will spin
  • Drawings for specific prizes
  • Streamlabs chat games winners

Three are different types of drawings throughout the event as well, giving everyone a chance to win:

  • Drawings with no special entry requirements
  • Drawings that entail spending MO points for a chance to win (these points are acquired simply by watching OPTV streams)
  • Plus some subscriber-only drawings

Prizes are not necessarily tied to the game being played; we’ve had developers, fans, and staff alike donate items and swag as prizes to win, so this is a chance to collect all sorts of stuff, from different games to play to skins within games to even some cosmetics to wear yourself. Do note that to collect physical prizes, you’ll need to provide a valid US address for shipping purposes. Sorry folks, international shipping is prohibitive for this. You must also be present in channel to win specific prizes at time the are given away. You will be given a limited window to respond as winner before it is forfeited. Any deviations from this plan will be stated specifically before a drawing begins. Beyond these caveats, our standard contest and giveaway rules apply.

What can I win? We are still finishing off our swag list, but this should give you an idea.

  • Warframe: 100 or 200 plat item of your choice from store
  • Warframe: mini poster from TennoCon (physical item)
  • Warframe: prime warframe blueprints
  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire: Steam key
  • AdventureQuest 3D: in-game Moglin companion pet
  • AQ3D: MO helm and cape combo
  • Hi-Rez skins for Realm Royale, Paladins, and SMITE
  • Paladins: 3,000,000 Battle Pass XP
  • SMITE: keychain (physical item)
  • SMITE: 8,000 gem code
  • Elite: Dangerous: metal keychain or tie tack/pin (physical item)
  • Ashes of Creation: tie tack/pin (physical item)
  • New World: t-shirt (physical item)
  • Torchlight Mobile: silicon bracelet (physical item)
  • Mechwarrior Online: 24-hour premium time codes
  • Pirate101: Octoberpus pet
  • Sniper Elite: Steam key
  • Large assortment of Steam game keys

And for the first time ever, we’re giving away the Massively OP mascot himself in the form of a 3-D printed version of Mo made by our very own Sam Kashani! Sam concocted Mo by tweaking a creative-commons model by Solomon262 to look like the original Mo art by our own Larry Everett, complete with sword, shield, and tabard. Up to four lucky grand-prize winners will win:

  • a 3-D printed mini figure of Mo (with optional name engraved on it) (physical item)
Isn’t he cute??

Can I win multiple prizes? You are eligible to win multiple drawings as long as it is not for the same prize. For example, if you win a skin, you can also enter and win a Mo mini figure. If there is a special case, it will be announced at the beginning of that drawing. And if you wish to decline a prize, feel free to pass on it and have MOP roll again. You are also free to pass it along to a friend after you receive it. However, you may not substitute any prizes unless a choice was specifically offered up front by the streamer; if you choose to not take a prize, you do not automatically win any other prize.

Why are you nutters doing a stream-athon? Does MJ need a reason to have fun with you and give things away? No! But when she has one, she’ll take full advantage of it! And when she can do a whole lot more for and with you, she will. The goal of our stream-athon is two-fold. First, it’s a fun way to give back to our fans and supporters of the site and OPTV. Of course, the more support we have, the more we can do! The second goal is to increase support on Twitch so that OPTV can continue to grow in staff and bring you even more streams and prizes!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow on OPTV as we embark on this first — and undoubtedly not last — Mo mania stream-athon. Come with your game suggestions and any lucky items you wish!


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That stream was awesome!! Thank you,MJ and MOP for doing it!…hopefully you will do more of them…heck me even won sumpin and me neber win stuff…was great fun!! ==(:*D


Hey we should do more of these streams – had a great time!! (edit- and no I’m not just saying that because I won a million prizes, I promise!)

Hikari Kenzaki



I would love if ED was streamed, I got the game a while but hadnt got into it since busy with other games. They also just announced carriers – I love carriers


MJ you crazy streamer of course we’ll be watching! For the Mo!


For the next one I can offer pair of solid bronze to scale pigtails for the main prize. Be careful though, they’ll be obscenely heavy. o.O


Shame I work at weird hours so I won’t be able to watch it.

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I don’t normally Twitch, but I’ll drop by to support MOP for sure.

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WOOOO! Go MJ! I hope the stream goes well! I’ll be recovering from a doctor visit, so I’ll hop in if I can manage it, but if I can’t I hope you have a LOT of fun with a LOT of viewers! :D