Chronicles of Elyria will let mayors upgrade to a ducal title without upgrading their pledge


Being a mayor is nice and all, but being a duke or duchess sounds way more important and very likely comes with far fancier hats to wear. However, if you wanted this title in Chronicles of Elyria, you had to upgrade your entire backer pledge. Now, those who are at least mayors in the game’s government will be able to upgrade themselves to a duke or duchess directly without having to get a pack full of extra stuff.

Considering the in-game land grab that’s slowly going on, we suspect being able to claim a part of the world of Elyria might sound enticing, but there are some caveats to consider. Primarily, purchasing the item does not change your admission time or pick week for domain and settlement selection; you’ll still get the Influence Points associated with the new title, but you’re also not jumping the line. The title cannot be bundled, transferred, or traded in for EP, but it can be merged with other count and countess titles during settlement selection to create a multi-county.

This item is available for only a limited time — specifically at the end of domain selection but before the Dutch auction — so interested parties may want to make their move soon.

Chronicles of Elyria, MMO players will recall, was announced back in 2015 and was Kickstarted for over $1.36 million dollars in 2016. Earlier this year, Soulbound responded to community concerns over a slowdown in communication by vowing to become “the storm.” Most recently, the team revealed its server maps.

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