DC Universe Online will be consolidating Artifact Catalysts with Game Update 97


In what appears to be DC Universe Online’s continued effort to refine its systems, the devs have unveiled plans to consolidate Artifact Catalysts with the upcoming release of Game Update 97.

The MMO’s current 21 different Artifact Catalysts will be smooshed down to only three: Dionesium, Quantum Field Energy, and Paradox Energy, each of which is common, uncommon, and rare respectively. This ties everything up into what Daybreak hopes will be an easier-to-follow system, requiring increasing numbers of these three new Catalysts for each artifact breakthrough rank instead of different ones.

Those with lots of existing Catalysts will be able to consume them for 10 Source Marks after the update. These Marks can then be used as currency to purchase the new Catalysts from John Constantine. Existing Marketplace Catalyst packs have also been removed and will be replaced with new packs featuring the new Catalysts.


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