Elite Dangerous will revamp the newbie experience in September, add fleet carriers in December


Fresh outta Gamescom is the news that Elite Dangerous is cooking up multiple updates for commanders across the galaxy.

First up: the September Update. Launching September 17th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this patch will overhaul the newbie experience with a “fully-voiced, in-ship tutorial, covering the basics of space flight, combat, traveling and scanning,” plus it’ll retool Frontier Points into a new currency dubbed Arx that’ll be buyable out-of-game and earnable in-game too.

The bigger news for veterans, however, is the December update, which will finally add Fleet Carriers to the game so you can put your ships inside of your other ships. “These huge ships can support up to 16 player ships and are available to ANY Elite Dangerous Commander to purchase (one per player, they’re really big),” Frontier says. They’re also gonna cost you a damn fortune!


Source: Official site, press release. Thanks, Cotic and Panagiotis!
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