Inside Star Citizen devotes an entire episode to the game’s quality assurance team


Quality Assurance. It’s certainly not the most glamorous job in video game development, and some would likely balk at the idea that such a department exists for a game that’s still in an alpha state for a long time. Still, the unsung heroes of the QA testing team for Star Citizen are most certainly a thing, and they are the primary focus of this week’s Inside Star Citizen episode.

For those hoping to hear about new features, development progress, or other items, you’re going to be disappointed: The episode offers its full running length to speaking with several QA members about the process of bug testing, the things they look for, and even some words of advice for those who submit bug reports which effectively boils down to “be as thorough as you possibly can, no matter how insignificant the details may appear to be.”

Since this week’s video digest isn’t the most informative, some members of the Star Citizen community have taken advantage with some gentle and not-so-gentle ribbing, including some oustanding meme work, a “leak” of next week’s episode, and at lest one person pointing out that we’ve seen this stuff before. Still, if you want to take it in, we’ve embedded the video below.

source: YouTube
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