Mobile MMO Roundup: Perfect World Mobile, Spiritwish, and Alliance vs Empire

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If you’re waiting urgently with your phone waiting for some new mobile MMOs to play around with, you’ve got some options today. Perfect World Mobile and Spiritwish are both out now on Google Play, with the former being… well, exactly what the name sounds like. It’s a mobile version of Perfect World International. It delivers what it promises.

Spiritwish is a little harder to guess just from the title, but it’s an MMO with a twist as it sees players commanding not just one character but a full team of three characters you create. You can also tackle larger content with the help of other teams made by other players, so if you like the idea of having a whole squad under your control at once, it seems like you might want to check that one out.

Last but not least, AxE is… well, it’s already been released. But it has just gotten a brand-new PvP mode, so if neither of the other options delight you but the idea of some mobile MMO action has you interested, it’s also available.

Source: Google Play (1, 2, 3) via DroidGamers (1, 2)
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