RuneScape previews upcoming newbie experience, Old School RuneScape tweaks PvP ratios


Once again, we’ve got a nice meaty bundle of news items from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. Let’s dive in.

  • The devs have offered up a new content showcase showing off a number of features in the works for RuneScape. Chief among these are a new player experience that includes a number of UI tweaks, additional action bars, and more daily challenges available to free players among other things. Most of these updates are meant for the mobile version of the game, but are also affecting the PC version as well. Additionally, the towns of Burthorpe and Taverley are going to be decluttered. You can get the complete rundown in the video embed at the end of this story or read this synopsis for more.
  • Separate kill/death ratios for PvP worlds and Bounty Hunter are now available in Old School RuneScape. These are distinct from Wilderness kills and can be viewed from the notice board located at the north side of the Edgeville bank. The game’s latest devblog also talks about how slashing weapons now have a chance to slice through webs (that wasn’t a thing before?) and updates to Song of the Elves.
  • Finally, Jagex is apparently trying to gather interested fans for some feedback workshops related to the most current live version of RuneScape. You must be at least 18 years old and travel to and from the Jagex studio will be at your personal expense, but those who are selected will get their hands on some secret projects related to the game. Applications are open until September 2nd.

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Is there a way to delete a character and start over on mobile?

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Jack Pipsam

Nothing can ever beat the simplicity and charm of Tutorial Island from OSRS.

I remember back when I was playing they tried all kinds of other things over the years constantly. The worst was this whole cutscene driven epic encounter just under Lumbridge as part of the new tutorial.
I mean it was impressive for showing off their new cinematic tech, but it wasn’t what RuneScape was about and might set the wrong expectation.

The basic “Oi idiot, cut down a tree.” “Now catch a fish with this net.” “Start a fire with the tree you just cut down.” “Want to cook the fish? Put two and two together dummy.” “See now you’re getting it.” kind of attitude is both fitting in with the game and got the player used how things work and then organically everything expanded from those core few ideas.

I hope the new tutorial can learn from that simplicity and charm, while staying true to the identity of current RuneScape, which I admit, I haven’t a clue what the go is for the live game.