WoW Classic’s latest dev video touches on the original design of Stormwind


Did you think Wednesday’s WoW Classic video, in which old-school World of Warcraft devs reminisce about their early development experience, was going to be a one-off thing? If so, you guessed wrong as surely as I did because Blizzard’s just dropped a second one, though it’s significantly shorter than the first.

Featuring 3-D artist Aaron Keller, this episode is a brief look at the early design of dungeons and cities for the game. “I remember the first day that we put Stormwind into the game,” he says. “We put this little Easter egg in for the team: When you ran into it, it would play [the Starship song] We Built This City.” Eh, go easy on ’em; “rickrolling” hadn’t even been coined yet.

Thinking we’re gonna get another of these for each dev in the first video now, yeah? In the meantime, why not check out our longer-form pieces on WoW Classic – yesterday we covered the perception that WoW Classic is hardcore, while today we took a stab at forecasting the game’s future.

Source: Twitter
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