WoW Classic’s launch day plans include nine more servers


If you remember nothing else about World of Warcraft Classic, remember the number “10.” That will come in very handy on Monday, as the retro version of this fantasy MMORPG is set to allow players the ability to make up to 10 characters per server (above the three currently allowed) at 10:00 am Pacific Time (or 1:00 pm Eastern). The MMO itself will release at 6:00 pm Eastern.

When the game launches, WoW Classic is also rolling out nine (almost 10!) additional servers: five for the Europe and four for North America. Altogether, if you are insane, you can roll up to a maximum of 50 characters spread across multiple realms. You should be able to level all of those to 60 before the heat death of the sun.

Keep on top of launch day preparations by knowing which servers to avoid, reading up on the development team’s AMA, indulging in a little nostalgia, and, uh, avoiding streamers?

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