Sci-fi sandbox MMO Prosperous Universe makes its free-to-play launch


The open market of sci-fi MMO Prosperous Universe is now well and truly open. Starting now, players who are curious about the galaxy-spanning economical empire manager can start becoming an interstellar fat cat. Or at least blink in confusion as to what all of these buttons do.

Gamers will recall that Prosperous Universe is a browser-based indie sci-fi single-shard sandbox MMORPG focused on player economy; we’ve been covering it for the last couple of years through development. The free-to-play launch marks the end of APEX payment restrictions; however, those with an Asteroid-tier license will be the ones to harness the full power of the UI. There’s also something else to climb thanks to new ratings agencies, which grades a company’s trustworthiness. Those with no grade can still trade, but only on local markets, the Chamber of Global Commerce, and some other aspects of APEX. The update also introduces fair Commodity Exchange price guarantees, letting players limit how much a product’s price can deviate from its previous average when trading between business partners.

There is a whole lot to Prosperous Universe, so new arrivals are invited to look through the tutorial Handbook for instructions on how this all works, or you can simply register and get started if you’re the “learn by doing” sort.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Panagiotis!

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Started it yesterday. It’s the kind of game made for people like me, that don’t give a damn about battle whatsoever, and looks like that you can choose your own pace, which is even better for me that have a toddler needing attention every second.


Reminds me of a game I used to play before the 00’s…called Stars! . Used to have fun with that game. It was basically one of the precursors to what became RTS games like Alpha Centauri/Sins of a Solar Empire/Galactic Civilizations/etc…I kind of wish there was more games like that, but that didn’t require you to multitask like mad so as to not get wiped out. I loved exploring the tech trees in those types of games, and researching/improving things for your populace depending on what you wanted to be like…

Not sure I could handle that kinda multi-window/lots of reading overload with my brain half functioning like it is lately…memory issues too. It’s one of a few reasons I never got into EVE even though I would’ve loved that kind of game (except for the PvP aspects.)…

This looks more like it’s just a auction house simulator…which I’ve already basically run numerous auction houses on numerous games and lost interest in playing that ‘profitability’ game…(Always walked away stupidly rich…except in RL…)


I read this as Preposterous Universe and now I kind of want that game to exist.


I’m more into action than spreadsheets. Though I do find some manager type games that have detailed sheets and scripts you set up (as part of the game) that they then go and execute and you get to watch them be executed to be okay. I just don’t care to do the sheets and then get the results as a printout of what happened. I at least want to see the action being carried out.

So this isn’t for me, but good luck to it and all still. It’s nice to see all different kinds of games for different kinds of people out there.

Wilhelm Arcturus

EVE Online: We’re spreadsheets in space! Ha ha ha!

Prosperous Universe: Hold my beer…