Star Wars: The Old Republic previews Onslaught’s new Mek-Sha location


Back in July, the Star Wars: The Old Republic folks offered an extremely formulaic but at least somewhat interesting look at the creation of planet Onderon, one of two new locations coming with the Onslaught expansion update. Now, it’s time to get that same look at Mek-Sha, a wholly original location being added to the game.

This interview once more features art director Carrie Meade as well as creative director Charles Boyd to discuss the pirate outpost. In the story of Onslaught, players are once more returning to the classic Empire vs. Republic story, and so that has seen the criminal underworld rise to power as it fulfills the need for swiftly dwindling resources. Mek-Sha looks to be something of a central hub for this kind of activity — a city built within the shell of an asteroid.

Considering the unique location of Mek-Sha, the team reportedly had to do a lot of new things to make the location feel like it was inside of a cracked shell of rock in deep space. The location will also feature a lot of vertical interest both above and below the player, which will also be shown off with the use of some spanning bridges to offer a better look at the level of care taken in Mek-Sha’s design.

Just like last time, this interview is pretty softball, but the details here are a bit more intriguing in terms of setting the scene, so it may be worth a look.


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Malcolm Swoboda

This expansion at least looks like the most interesting movement for the game in years.


I hope it’s fun for people who still play, I guess. I got fed up when they basically said that all future content was going to be pretty much either Flashpoints or PVP. (In my opinion, possibly the two worst methods of delivering story other than taping it to the back of a starving alligator. Spacebarspacebarspacebar “The team has voted to kick you.” /whisper ‘skip the movies, noob!’ )

They collapsed all the servers down to just two PVE, deleted the RP servers, and then at the last moment changed their minds and moved the West Coast server to the East Coast data center. I lost three of my character names, all of them ones that had existed and been played since the game went live. The final straw was that I wanted to pick up a single decoration in my Stronghold, couldn’t click on it. Tried to find a menu option, and accidentally picked up everything. I looked around at the suddenly pristine Yavin base and… nope. That’s it, I’m done.

Unsubscribed as soon as the program finished shutting down. At this point I can’t see any reason I’d ever go back. I have 22 characters, and the game is deliberately designed to be crippled and nearly unplayable if you’re not subscribed. I’d have to pick just two characters, and then keep slogging through with half the UI disabled. No. Just… no.