All factions will soon be able to fly (some) Romulan ships in Star Trek Online

And you get a ship, and you get a ship...


Your faction is the Federation in Star Trek Online, but in your heart you long to be like the sneaky, underhanded, and intriguing Romulans. Alas, you can never really be the same… but you can command a Romulan ship in the very near future. Yes, the studio has revealed that players will soon be able to pilot all but a very small number of Romulan ships regardless of whether or not your captain belongs to the Federation, the Klingon Empire, or the Dominion.

From a gameplay standpoint, this makes a certain amount of sense, since Romulan captains have long been able to use both their own factional ships and those of the Federation or Empire (depending on allegiance), but it’s still a significant change from before. A few ships do remain exclusive to Romulan captains, chiefly those ships which have specific alternate versions within other factions like the Daienos-class heavy destroyer. But as you can see from the announcement, that still leaves a lot of ships available for any captains to fly freely.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, CapnLan!

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Daniel Reasor

This will be a pretty decent gain in the Admiralty minigame, depending on a given player’s ship collection and current faction.

It will benefit me directly. It saves me money! With the recent changes to Beam Overload, I’ve been thinking of putting together a Dual Beam Bank battlecruiser build for one of my KDF toons. Now I don’t need to buy the T6 Kolasi Seige Destroyer just for its trait; I already own the Kara Advanced Warbird, which will teach the exact same trait.


Its same ship types restricted that were for Romulan when they were enabled to fly the ships of their allies around a year ago: