Daybreak previews DC Universe Online’s ‘Metal Part I’ update ahead of its September 12 launch


The last couple of news items to come out of DC Universe Online have been so much about game mechanics that it was almost easy to forget that updates will also have a story component. We were all reminded of that fact, however, in a recent livestream preview showing off the upcoming Metal Part I update.

Players of DCUO are likely already very familiar with the concept of the multiverse, but apparently there’s another multiverse on top of that — a dark multiverse where worlds have “failed” and heroes are villains. Or to put it another way as stated in a blurb on the official site:

“The Dark Multiverse has breached our own. Dark Knights and The Batman Who Laughs are wreaking havoc across the worlds, from Central City to Themyscira, from Oa to Gotham City and even down into the Batcave. Batman is missing. It’s up to you.”

The developer livestream provided a look at several new areas players will get to explore as part of this dark multiverse, along with some new characters and styles to look forward to. Speaking of styles, there’s a Dark Knights Time Capsule available for those who want to dress the part ahead of the new update.

Metal Part I will arrive on Thursday, September 12th, and Part II will follow some time in December. As for now, you can take in all of the failed world goodness you can handle in the embed.

Source: Official site (1, 2)

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I’ve been playing a lot of DCUO again. I just love the DC Universe too much. And I still think of all the Super Hero MMOs, it has the best combat system. The graphics still hold up in my opinion, at least on my 2k monitor they look okay. But really, for me it’s all about DC.


The game looks fine – till the characters start running. It really could use engine upgrade (light scheme expecially) – or at least better animations.