Final Fantasy XIV is holding its anniversary sale and putting out its annual short stories

A nasty boy, a foul cigarette boy.

Another anniversary for Final Fantasy XIV has rolled around, and that of course means new short fiction detailing character stories that tie into the game’s most recent expansion. The first of these tales is available today, focusing around Thancred Waters and his backstory from his earliest days to his past with Minfilia. If you wanted to know a little bit more about how the Shadowbringers version of the character came to be, hop on over to check out the full story.

If you’d rather celebrate through means other than game fiction, however, you do have another option as the game has launched its annual anniversary sale as well. Almost every optional item in the Mog Station has been marked down by 30% (excepting post-April 2019 additions, Tales of Adventure tomes, and individual dyes), and players can now also pick up the long-demanded Krile outfit for lady characters. So you can go for stylish instead of educating yourself on the lore, if you’d prefer.

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