Massively OP Podcast Episode 235: The one about WoW Classic


On this week’s show, Bree and Justin go back to 2004 with WoW Classic’s launch, wonder what Megan Fox is doing in the studio with a copy of Black Desert, prepare for Astellia Online, and talk about the hidden benefit of MMO progression servers.

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Jack Pipsam

Bree dropping a swear is 10/10 podcast content.

On the first question, I totally agree. I was far too young to play Vanilla WoW, I only really got into it around Wrath time. But all I knew was, I enjoyed it a lot more when I started than I do now. I don’t like the current state of WoW, I don’t enjoy the game post Pandaria, I’m sick of the all style with no substance that WoW is today.
So far I’m having a heck of a good time in WoW Classic. I enjoy how straight-forward it is, yet with depth all around the corner. The lack of flying, easy mounts and flight-paths everywhere makes Azeroth feel larger here, than the current day Azeroth does with its many extra multiverses. Seeing lots of players around is thrilling. Having a proper Day/Night cycle return to here to match our local time is something we’ve been begging for years now. Blizzard kept taking away features and adding only cutscenes in return.
I can totally see how this is the game which changed everything.

On the second question, it’s all about consent. Privacy matters and it’s mattering more and more. If you don’t have the bother to get a very base-level informed consent to broadcast other voices, then you shouldn’t be in the broadcast game. Streaming games doesn’t currently fall under broadcast laws, but I think the same principle should apply.

PS. I’m 100% convinced that Daybreak killed Briggs on launch-day WoW Classic to hide it haha.


The comment at the end about a GW2 Vanilla server got me thinking back to the days of that game’s launch and instantly made me think about a benefit of the fresh start on classic and progression servers that I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned much, which is resetting the player economy to how it was before inflation set in. Being able to buy stuff from the AH with the gold you earn from doing missions and dungeons, rather than hoping you get drops worth selling on the AH so you can get enough gold to buy the other overpriced stuff on the AH, is a world of difference.

Hikari Kenzaki

I’ve got some issues with your response to the stream etiquette question. You simplify it too much and then immediately go into talking about watching people play video games isn’t for you.

You also somehow manage to lump voice chat harassment into streaming, which is two entirely different things. As a member of an all-women streaming community, I can point you to hundreds (or thousands) of streamers who would never harass someone because they’re a girl.

When I stream group content, I always let everyone know that we’re streaming, when I’m leading the group. Something to the effect of “Just so you know, I’m streaming this on Twitch if anyone objects.” However, if I’m streaming and I or my group runs into a 20+ person open-world raid, I’m not going to be broadcasting that I’m streaming. That comes off as advertising and promoting and is not good at all.

With voice chat, because I’m responsible for the content on my channel, I’m generally going to be restrictive as to who can be in voice with me, but I’m happy to have people join who I know through the channel or as friends.

When it comes down to it, it’s not really clear in the proposed question that the streamer knew that not everyone had been informed.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

We simplified it because it was a simple etiquette question. Yes, we think it’s rude to start streaming a group and most especially their voices without notice.

We were talking about voice chat harassment because it’s one of many reasons people might not want their voice/avatar combo broadcasted to the world unawares. It wasn’t about the streamer at all.


I’ve been on some wow dungeon streams (retail) even one where it was the guys son first time playing wow, they let you know right up front they are doing that, did i mention i hate my voice lmao! :) everyone does…