Occupy White Walls’ Socialist Utopia update brings social features and performance buffs


No, that update title isn’t what you think it is. The latest update for the art curation MMO Occupy White Walls’s use of the word “socialist” here refers to the fact that there’s some new social features included, along with a variety of overall improvements that should help the game perform a little better.

The new social window, accessed by pressing J, will let you write a bio, see your favorite pieces of art, and track your activity log, with more features promised in the future. The vast majority of the Socialist Utopia update focuses on performance, with a new DAISY 2.0 that will “read your art mind four times faster,” loading optimizations to bring galleries up quicker with less resources, and the plugging of memory leaks when browsing DAISY among other fixes. There’s also five new reception desks, Hacienda and Mexican sets, and integrated nVidia Ansel support for those who have the right GPU.

Source: Steam. With thanks to Bhagpuss for the tip!
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