Wargaming’s OARPG Pagan Online officially launches today – here’s the new trailer!


Wargaming and Mad Head are officially launching Pagan Online today, promising a “brutal new hack-and-slash experience” for PC players along with a “massive” update for existing early access players.

“After several months in Early Access, Pagan Online has evolved into one of the most exciting dungeon-crawlers on the market, defined by classic top-down gameplay, session-based PVE action, unique characters, and demanding combat that will challenge even the most seasoned players. […] Pagan Online launches with massive amounts of new in-game content including new characters, zones and features stemming directly from community feedback. During Pagan Online’s early access period, Mad Head Games and Wargaming have closely followed player response to further develop and polish the game.”

The game is $29.99 on Steam. Our own Not So Massively columnist sampled the game’s early access this spring, finding it polished and fun – and problematic only in its unlock system. “If that issue can be sorted, this will be a game I’d be happy to give my unvarnished recommendation to,” he wrote. “Unlock mechanics aside, Pagan Online is pretty dang fun.” We also streamed it earlier this month!

Source: Press release

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There’s no mention of a cash shop so this might be worth a bash but I’m a bit confused about the “online” part, I’m not normally one to complain about a game being always online but it only supports 2 players…what else does it gain by being online instead of a lobby game?


I think it’s a fairly decent game. And I like the systems it has. Personally, I get bored using a single character, I really enjoy jumping on different ones. So a game where you need to play multiple ones to level your account up works great for me.

That and it’s very easy to level the new characters much faster than the initial ones. You twink them up with the higher gear you’ve found (since gear you can use is tied to your account level, the new level 1 character gets to wear your high tier account stuff) and you stick them in a much higher level than they’d be able to do otherwise and they level up really fast.

You do start with one of three characters (of which you get to try them all out before picking one and decide which feels best for you) but you open up the ability to pick another extremely early on (within the first few hours) and then you can pick any character that exists from that point on. I had opened up 4 of my choices of characters within 8 hours, and I spent a good deal of time messing around doing various other things and not going straight through trying to open them or anything.

The game is more twitch skill based than what I thought when I was first reading about it. It is why the WASD controls are there, you need to be moving most all of the time basically. I very much am into games that take a bit more skill to play rather than standing around spamming pots and skills, so again, this worked great for me.

Though I find the combat to be better in Killsquad (some of the best action RPG combat I’ve ever taken part in) – I find this game to be overall better and have way more to do. Killsquad doesn’t have a story, is the same few random level types over and over. This game here is a fully fleshed out game with a major ongoing story to follow. Killsquad combat plays better, but this game will get far more of my time because there’s a real full game here to play through (oh how I wish Killsquad had done the same).

That and Pagan Online is half the price of most premium games.

I know there are a lot of reviews of the type where it’s “I liked this budget-priced game enough to play 150 hours but I’m going to give it a negative for some little thing I’m pissy about” – but you have to take those with a grain of salt. Someone gets hundreds of hours of entertainment and fun out of a low priced game and chooses to spend that much time there, maybe it’s better than their review is letting on.