Twin Saga’s newest patch adds a new dungeon, a new senshi, and a new cabinet


You read that right, one of the major features of the latest Twin Saga patch is a cabinet. holy cabinet, if we’re being specific, available to players at level 40 and above as a way of enhancing gear and unlocking new bonuses. You place gear within the cabinet, but be forewarned you can place only one weapon, cannot place the same item more than once, and you can only place Epic or Legendary gear fortified to at least +20.

Players can also take on a new senshi questline for Bonny to obtain a new contract for summoning her, or they can seek out the Sky Garden dungeon. There’s also a new Level 20+ quest for players to participate in Chinese Valentine’s day festivities, so you’ll have some opportunity to take part in something lower-impact after doing dungeons, impressing Bonny, and shoving a whole lot of gear into a divine cabinet.


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Nemui Byakko

This is definitely one of underappreciated games.