Closers provides a lore-based look at the upcoming character Seth


While we know that the new character is coming on September 10th and we’ve gotten a visual preview of her, the question remains: Who is Seth? More about the new Closers character is now available for those who want to know.

Seth is the combination of two souls: Anna, a young girl who was the subject of UNION experimentation, and Sekhmet, a claw weapon that was imposed with so much feral energy that it developed a soul. Both found one another through the shared pain of their experiences and fused, forever changing each other and protecting one another as the amalgam now known as Seth.

A dedicated web page with all of the Seth details one could possibly want has been created, which also points to pre-registration for the character and an interview with some of the devs who put Seth together.

In other Closers news, a hotfix was deployed that patched up an error which let reset player purchase restrictions. Those who purchased more than two Skill Books during this period will have the extra skill points removed with the September 10th patch, while the Event Crafting table affected by this restriction issue will not be patched. As a thank-you, players will be getting a small gift for their trouble with the September patch.


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