Outlaws of the Old West splits its single-player sessions to a dedicated version

Old town road optional.

If the headline there made you anxious and possibly brought visions of other titles wherein development was split for vaguely worded reasons, relax. Outlaws of the Old West is not splitting into multiple titles. Instead, the game is just allowing solo games to launch via a dedicated file without creating a background server that only has one occupant. This should ensure that you can play solo with significantly improved performance as of the newest patch.

Those of you who prefer playing the game with others will notice no real changes, or at least no changes beyond various bug fixes. Considering those bug fixes include random client crashes when playing audio and teleporting into rocks while dismounting from a horse, those changes may be significant indeed. The developers are also encouraging fans to join up with the studio’s Discord server for more previews of upcoming content. So this one is a bit lighter on content, but it should be a net positive for those who like their lonesome journey in the West to be really lonesome.

Source: Steam
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