Star Trek Online plans five new patrol missions for Awakening


One of Star Trek Online’s ever-present challenges is creating enough content for player captains to consume. With new featured episodes are few and far between, repeatable missions such as patrols do the heavy lifting of giving people things to do. Patrols are slightly more relaxed tours of a string of systems, sometimes eschewing combat in favor of investigation or light puzzles.

For players who like patrols, they will be glad to hear that Cryptic is adding five new ones with the release of Star Trek: Awakening this fall. These patrols sound like they’ll actually feature a tie in with the game’s current storyline and will be accessible by captains from every one of the game’s factions.

The first patrol revealed is called Sentinels: “A research facility on a small moon in the Donatu System is studying prototaxites stellaviatori. Deploy defense satellites to protect the unarmed facility from raiders.”

Source: Star Trek Online. Thanks Panagiotis!

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I’m reserving judgement on the Patrols until I get the chance to play them.

They could be fun, repeatable “dailies” if they have enough substance to them to remain engaging across repeated plays– or they could just be shallow grindery, as Hikari warns below.

We won’t know until they show …


Hikari Kenzaki


The only patrols I ever did were during the Voyager arc and I found them pretty tedious. And that’s compared to STO’s normal tedium of warp in, fight, beam down, fight, beam up, fight. Of course, regular missions have good story to make that not so bad.

Maybe they’ll have enough story to them to make them worthwhile.