Today in bizarre gaming promos: Roblox and the NFL, Overwatch and Cheez-Its


Step aside, bubble tea and video game candles: We’ve got new weird cross promotions for you today.

First, Roblox announced a partnership with the NFL. At first I wondered why the NFL would partner with a game aimed at tweens, but the cynic in me thinks she already knows the answer.

“For the first time ever, Roblox players can showcase team loyalty by dressing their avatars with uniforms from all 32 NFL franchise teams and equip their avatar with five exclusive, custom emotes, available in the Catalog for a limited time. In addition, a promo code to receive a commemorative golden football digital item, will be unveiled during an upcoming segment on the NFL Network. […] All 32 NFL team uniforms, five NFL-inspired celebratory emotes, and the exclusive 100-year anniversary golden football are available for free for a limited time beginning today through September 16th, 2019. To unlock this exclusive NFL gear, players simply select their favorite team uniform and emotes from the Roblox Catalog.”

Meanwhile, Blizzard has partnered with “Kellogg Cheez-It and Pringles” to promote the Overwatch League.

“The Overwatch League™ today announced an exclusive deal with Kellogg Company, which will include co-marketing initiatives with Cheez-It® and Pringles® products. Kicking off during the playoffs in the US, Cheez-It Grooves and Pringles Wavy brands will also be the presenting sponsor of the halftime show and highlights segments during the 2019 Grand Finals. The 2019 deal will include a one-day sampling of Cheez-It and Pringles products, and a viewing of the Overwatch League 2019 Grand Finals on Sept. 29 across 1,000 Walmart stores. In 2020, as part of the deal, Kellogg will release co-branded packaging for both Cheez-It Grooves and Pringles Wavy products featuring Overwatch League branding. This initiative will also include a US sweepstakes where consumers will have the chance to win tickets to the Overwatch League finals and other prizes related to the Overwatch League.”

Source: Roblox, OWL PR
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Kickstarter Donor

If you partner with a product named Cheez-It, part of me wonders if you’re not just encouraging the meme-comedy which must follow … :-)

IronSalamander8 .

Back in Garden Warfare 1 they had a Cheetos promotion and an Aquafina (I think, some fruit drink) one as well. The Cheetos one gave us Chester Chomper with cheesy goop and Doctor Chester with his cheetah healing station and cheesy warp. The fruit drink one gave us the citrus cactus and the berry shooter. It was kind of amusing that they had to nerf the berry shooter and none of these got carried forward to Garden Warfare 2.