A Tale in the Desert begins its ninth Telling today


It’s time to open a new chapter for A Tale in the Desert when the game kicks off its ninth Telling today. Yes, everything is starting fresh, with this iteration of the game promising to bring new homesteads, new skills, and the complete abolition of levels. It’s also noteworthy as this will be the first time that the game’s Tellings have started and ended on the same interval; players will be starting over in the ninth Telling, but there will be no waiting period between them.

For those of you not familiar with the title, ATITD is unique among MMOs in many ways; not only is it a completely non-combat title, but it also features periodic reboots called “Tellings” that last for fixed durations, tweak the game’s mechanics, and reset everyone on equal footing to start the game over again. Our own Game Archaeologist took an in-depth look at the title a while back to bring players up to speed, or you could just get in on the ground floor of this Telling.

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