Sea of Thieves announces a Creator Crew program to help support the game’s content creators


The weekly dev update video from Sea of Thieves and executive producer Joe Neate has offered up some preliminary details of a Creator Crew program in the works. This new program seeks to offer more direct, official support for those who livestream or create videos focused on the piratical sandbox.

The program will be in two parts: a “starter” section for beginner or intermediate Sea of Thieves content creators, and a “partner” section for those who have an established community and audience. The starter section will grant some unique in-game rewards, tutorials, tips, and hints for those who sign up to the program, along with a dedicated area for those creators to share tips or discuss things with others. The partner section, meanwhile, will give some more direct links with the Sea of Thieves dev team to help grow and amplify the content being produced.

According to Neate, this initiative is ultimately for the overall health of the game. “With Sea of Thieves and with the stories that we see and with the growth of the game, a lot of that has been driven by people’s amazing stories and by the awareness that creates and the interest among players,” said Neate in the video. “The more people streaming or creating videos around Sea of Thieves, the more people we see coming to the game and ultimately the healthier and more robust the community becomes.”

Firm details on when this Creator Crew program will go live are not available yet, but should be announced soon. As for the rest of the video, it talks briefly about a name change for the September 11th update from Reaper’s Bones to Smuggler’s Fortune and the team’s experience at Gamescom. You can check out the entire video below.

source: YouTube

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