SWTOR begins testing Onslaught’s crafting overhaul, Spoils of War adjustments, and the Dxun Operation


Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Onslaught expansion may have been delayed a month, but BioWare is full-speed ahead on testing it.

The studio announced last night that its patched up the PTS again with a second round of tweaks expected for the expansion, including the crafting progression overhaul and legendary components, the Spoils of War loot drop do-over, and story mode for the Dxun Operation on Odessen.

“The upcoming Dxun Operation is now available for testing! If you would like to see what dangers await you in Dxun’s jungles, head to Odessen. There, your adventure will begin with an ominous bridge leading into the sky. Story mode will be available for testing. This may not be quite balanced yet, so some encounters may be challenging, while others may be easy. Ideally, the team is looking for Story Mode to be significantly easier than the Gods from the Machine Operation. We strongly encourage players to try a variety of Set Bonus and Tactical combinations to really push the boundaries of these encounters! We will encourage Veteran Mode testing and feedback as we get closer to PTS Round Three.”

BioWare’s requested feedback on a specific list of questions, so stalwart vets should take a peek. There are several achievements for helping out the devs too.

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What the crafting overhaul about ?

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Richard de Leon III

I am so eager for new swtor content. So glad bioware hasnt given up on it.

Between swtor and sto getting new content, my sci fi urges are in check.

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I don’t playtest much any more. I dislike feeling like I’ve seen everything new by the official launch day.

I’m looking forward to the Onslaught expansion, however, and I extend my sincere thanks to all those who do playtest the new content. Your bug-squashing is appreciated!


Assuming anyone at Bioware reads the bug reports and isn’t just using this for stress testing and collecting Time To Kill metrics on the various NPCs. :(