The Daily Grind: Would you play Guild Wars 2 Classic?


At the end of this week’s podcast, Justin and I were chatting about Guild Wars 2’s big announcement that’s coming up later today, and since we’d spent so much of the episode talking about WoW Classic up until then, naturally we had to crack a joke about Guild Wars 2 Classic, which is not to our knowledge a thing or ever gonna be a thing or even remotely something that’s on the table.

But you know… both of us said we’d play it. And that was no joke.

For my part, I loved the way the early game felt, before much powercreep had seeped into the game and the expansions had taken it off in wildly different directions and storytelling tones. I don’t dislike the modern game; I just miss what it was when it launched. I don’t actually think ArenaNet has the desire or resources to do it, of course, but it’s fun to contemplate.

Would you play Guild Wars 2 Classic, if that were a thing?

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Absolutely not. The original iteration of GW2 was rough – after hitting level cap I quit playing, and that was more dedication than most of my guild that came over together from another AAA title showed. It wasn’t until they overhauled achievements and introduced LS1 that the game began to live up to its potential. GW2 classic would consist of farming Orr event chains, omnomberries, and maybe – maybe – dungeon running. No fractals, no raids, no world events, no achievements, nada.

A remastered GW1 – with JUMPING – might work, although the whole thing with needing a group for everything (either of other players or mercenaries) is not my thing.


No. GW1 – yeah, maybe.

Nate Woodard

Classic Guild Wars 2, ugh no. Dear God no.

Guild Wars 2 Reborn, maybe. However, there needs to be a significant, noticeable and fundamental changes to combat, skill system and skill bar and most importantly, the questing system.

You change those things and only those things and maybe I’ll come back. Story is a whole other animal, too. There was no direct continuation from the events of the Original Guild Wars. There were books and they weren’t that good.

Sounds like Guild Wars 3 to me. I don’t know. Maybe we ought to stop numbering these. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I will happily edit this to say I’d adore seeing an Original Guild Wars Remastered. Please ArenaNet. Do this!!!!!!

Ben Stone

No. It hasn’t even changed enough to warrant it. GW1 remastered though with today’s graphics and jumping? Yes please.


No, no I don’t want “classic” GW2 back. I don’t want per-character dyes. I don’t want to lose mounts. I don’t want the old armor transmutation system back either, for that matter. Or the final step in the personal story being a dungeon.

GW2 is (for me anyway) a better game in all ways today than at launch, and I don’t want to “go back” to the way it was. Nope. Methinks there is some rose-colored hindsight going on here. :)

Edit: Gliding – I’d lose gliding too. I would like the old Lion’s Arch back, please. But I’m not willing to give up the rest of the past seven years to get it.

Hikari Kenzaki

I saw the tweet for this story and immediately logged in to give this answer (shocking, I know). So, I’ll add to it.

No.. no, please no…

For one, the story in GW2’s vanilla campaign is good, but it’s nowhere near as good as PoF or Living World 3 and 4.
Go play PoF, then go play a vanilla story arc. Everything just feels more modern by leaps and bounds compared to advancement in other games over the course of five years.
The Quality of Life improvements (something even a ‘new’ player like myself can see) are just too much to remove.


I’d rather see GW1 be remastered.

Castagere Shaikura

If classic you mean take out fractals and raids and be the game it was at launch then yes I would.




Nah. GW2 Classic was fun for a bit but then got old and repetitive pretty fast after hitting level cap. The Halloween/Christmas events helped keep me interested for a little while but to me the game just didn’t really ever feel too good.

Bruno Brito

I just miss what it was when it launched.

A mismatch of broken classes, bugged talent trees, bad optimization and dungeon exploiting as endgame?

Edit: The ONLY thing i want back to GW2 is the old talent system. Instead of shoving it off for a WoW-Lite dumbed system like they have now, the old one could be improved upon. It was good, it was versatile, it was fun.