Wurm Online just launched a new time-limited repeating PvE server called Jackal


Wurm Online players, today’s a big day for you, as Code Club’s sandbox MMO is dropping a new expansion in the form of what the studio’s calling a time-limited server with “expanded PvE content” meant to be both accessible to newbies and challenging for vets.

“Jackal is a repeating PvE server that restarts every 6 months, allowing a continual fresh start and easier entry into the Wurm Online world,” Code Club says. “Skills gained on Jackal will also apply to Freedom players in a modified transfer system, but skills gained on Freedom will not transfer. The core of Jackal is the plight of players vs strange hostile beasts not seen before with land control, triggered wave combat, and staged battles throughout. Players will receive points to redeem for custom cosmetic item skins back on the persistent Freedom lands.”

“This expansion focuses on a distant land known as Jackal, a wholly hostile and alien environment compared to the PvE lands of Freedom. Players can travel there via portal and start with no skills or items, meaning a fresh start for every player. As the server progresses and players expand they will be able to remove the influence via a triggered wave fight system. The end game for this server will be a staged PvE battle against the hostile forces controlling the map. This server will come with increased skillgain and action speeds, meaning a faster experience within Wurm, as well as the ability to create gear more quickly meaning less downtime. Players will be expected to work together to overcome the challenges and will receive rewards for doing so, such as a token system to allow them to buy new cosmetic item skins.”

Source: Press release, official site