Ashes of Creation talks about improving combat, destruction, and infrastructure in a livestream


Anyone who has had some time in the battle royale mode of Ashes of Creation might agree that the game’s combat needs a bit of work. Rest assured, that work is ongoing according to developer reports from the team’s most recent livestream, along with work on destruction for siege warfare, the creation of an account services portal, and word about infrastructure developments.

Let’s get the “boring” stuff out of the way: infrastructure stuff. The engineering team has been hard at work on giving players access to a variety of features from its developing account services website, including the ability to share player characters and other data as well as the usual account-related bells and whistles. The Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse test provided a great deal of insight for the engineering team and also showed the team’s improved ability to respond to issues that arose.

Now the fun stuff. First, the devs are taking the information they gleaned from Apocalypse testing like melee vs. ranged combat, projectile speed and dropoff, and other pieces of data and using that to tune things. The devs also mentioned that work on making loot feel better is also being done. There was also word about improved performance and more believable visual cues for the game’s destruction system, which will be experienced by plays when attacking castles or nodes.

In other Ashes of Creation news, a new Order of Luminous Levin cosmetics set is coming to the game’s shop. These will replace the current Grove of Slumber Shade items currently in the store on Wednesday, September 4th, so if you prefer forests to stormy skies, then you’ll want to get cracking.

As for the livestream, you can check out the video below or this summary. Also be sure to check out the latest Fight or Kite, which provides some impressions of Ashes of Creation’s battle royale test bed.


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I feel like the BR did more harm than good for this game, after playing it I have no interest in this game at all.


That’s kinda non-sensical.


I really like this dev team. Hoping within 6 months or so we’ll be testing in the open world game.