Star Citizen FAQ justifies ‘staggered development,’ shows off procedural space stations


While the update cadence for Star Citizen will reportedly hold steady, the way the dev team at CIG approaches developing these updates is changing. There will now be “staggered development” for the sandbox MMO’s features, with various dev teams splitting their duties in a six month cadence instead of three. This new approach to development will initially be light on features for the next upcoming patch, but that should improve as the teams establish a rhythm.

Invariably, this new development cadence has seen some changes to the Star Citizen roadmap, with the FAQ assuring fans that any potential removal of features from the roadmap doesn’t mean those items are off the table. Incidentally, the 4.0 update has made it to the roadmap, which is temporarily light on things to look forward to for right now; more updates are planned in the future.

Ultimately, this change is touted as a net positive one, with more complete features and fewer bugs. “Our goal is to have every patch as robust as previous patches prior to Staggered Development, but in a more polished and timely state,” explains the FAQ.

Speaking of developing features, the latest Star Citizen Live developer stream is now on YouTube, which offers a closer look at modular space station creation. You can check that out in full below.


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