The Daily Grind: What’s the vibe that you want your MMO character to exude?


Have you hugged your bread lately? No, that’s not today’s Daily Grind question, it’s just the natural follow-up to witnessing the above picture from Caravan Stories. Bread Girl, as we like to call her, entranced the MOP staff for a good half-hour one day as we speculated about her motivations, life choices, and her extreme fondness for all things yeasty.

Yet it’s funny how a character’s choice of outfit, accessory, name, and even title can come together to create an intentional vibe or aura. Perhaps it’s a character that wants to be seen as edgy and aloof, or charming and cute, or competent yet regrettably in love with magenta dye.

When you look at how your character presents him or herself, what would you say is the vibe? What personality traits and backstory are you suggesting with your visuals?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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This is the kind of idea:
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My default fantasy character since AD&D has been the angry dwarf cleric. Been to Velious. Got my bucket hat. Led the heal line with an iron hand and a tireless stream of cursing. Something like this 38-second video (Warning: Language) —

Maggie May

Outsider, fighter for the little guy …. does not suffer fools! (Even though I am something of a fool myself.) Look I am one of the other guys, the real heros are off getting their nails done and basking in the glory of herodom, so you’re stuck with me. Yea I have issues. Antihero.


I usually play tank classes so I roleplay my characters as how I personally act in real life – kindhearted, defender of justice, protector of the weak and destroyer of evil. I play exclusively beautiful female characters and dress them in the skimpiest, sexiest armors I can find ingame, coz my characters are sexually empowered do-gooders (like Xena). :)

Lidren Diters

I just want games to have diverse enough visual choices for me to be able to decide that. When I play a tank, even a warrior instead of paladin, it is a pious man. Sergeant stripes branded on his shield arm. A hunter/ranger is darker, shadowy, but still good. Any magic user I play is mystic and very knowledge based.

Kickstarter Donor

He’s a big pink lion man, do with that as you will.

Kickstarter Donor

I don’t really aim for a vibe per se beyond I just want my characters to look cool to me, but it must work out as I get many compliments in game as to how good my characters look and across all games I play so I’m clearly hitting a wider appeal visually which is always rewarding.

Malcolm Swoboda


I used to focus on picking mages (or similar) that wanted to focus on discovery of the unknown. To pick up arcane artifacts that put me at a perceptual step up from the appearance of other characters.

I’ve since transferred that to more cleric/paladin characters, provided that they are not fanatical in aesthetic/lore/etc by default. In my teens I was the nerdy mage, and twenties I like to know I have the strength to hold my sword and shield ;). Archetypes like ‘spellblade’ both attract and repel me – attract because I feel so naturally inclined here, but repel because I feel its a wishy washy stance!

When playing evil/horde/darker-side faction/races/etc characters, I tend to like ones that struggle against their dark nature as opposed to embracing or denying it; so Forsaken or ‘Light Sith’ and the like. But these tend to not be mains.

For colors I like glowing gold or white, or a pacifying blue, or occasionally an adventurer brown or red. I tend to not go for greens, pinks and purples, deep blacks.

I like my character to express that they’re at least good at looking for knowledge. They need an element of moral pride and friendliness. So naturally classes/specs like warlock, necromancer, etc don’t work for me unless I intentionally go for them. Races like Void Elf seem made for that other purpose of mine.


I try to recreate the same character, as much as possible, in every game.

Dark, mysterious, wearing a mask or full face helmet (even though I spent an hour designing the face, if possible), black and grey wardrobe. Dual weilding swords and daggers, with a bit of archery and magic.

Headcanon is that he has an interdimensional teleportation device. He explores strange new worlds, meets interesting new people, and kills some of them for coin. Tends to be an assassin with a heart of gold, making the nice choices, rescuing people, saving the world… But, also joins whatever assassins or thieves guild is available.

Example of typical actions: landlord wants tenant killed and house burned down for insurance money, payment of $5000, no. But, if tenant wants landlord killed for $50 (all he can afford), because he wanted to have him murdered, yes. Either way, he’s still an assassin.


I often aim for a kind of quiet, understated competence and wisdom. I don’t want to be the centre of attention, but when going into battle i want to be the person everyone relies on, exuding a kind of stoic leadership.

But, I’ll usually alter my traits to match the class.

Melee DPS I tend to go for a calm and laid-back demeanor that changes into a red-mist berserker in combat. Wizards I usually make into assholes. Ranger-types I’ll usually aim to make like Strider-Aragorn. Tank-types I often make a bit sadomasicistic (defs spelt that wrong…).

If I can be an orc of any variety, then it’s all about the Waaaaggghhh! Crazy mofos.